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Reasons Why You Should Invest in a More Expensive Vacuum

Posted by admin on November 11, 2014 at 8:50 PM

Having a quality vacuum cleaner in the house is important. The machine’s ability to suck dust particles can be priceless especially if you are asthmatic or you have an allergy. The machine should keep your carpets and rugs dust free whenever you clean with it without expending too much energy to perform the task.

For this reason, you should not be too concerned about the cost of a vacuum cleaner at the expense of the quality of its services. Nobody wants to end up spending money on a fancy looking machine that only provides mediocre services. These are the factors that you should pay attention to when you are out shopping for the tool;




The vacuum cleaner that you select should have genuine HEPA filters that come with a complete label showing the size of the particles that the filter can hold. The filters are very crucial because they trap dust, pollen, debris and mold.




Whether you choose a machine whose motors create cyclonic or straight air suctions, care should be taken to ensure that the machine does not have too many bends. The more the bends it will have means that it will have less power to suck up the dust. Based on this premise, the straight air suction will be a better purchase. The straight cleaners should also have a quality brush in order to be powerful. Similarly, the wattage of the cylindrical machines is the marker of its power. You can even prefer buying a stationary vacuum cleaner instead of the portable one because it has more power and it uses the latest technology.




Another way to determine whether the machine is worth buying is the availability of a warranty from the manufacturer. Look for the machine with the longest period of warranty to be on the safe side. Most cheap equipments break down easily and they usually do not have a warranty, therefore do not be fooled to buy them.


Bagged or not


The bagged vacuum cleaners are cheap and popular because they trap all the dust inside and you will not have to get exposed to dust when emptying it. However, they are not the best, the bag less machines could be a better option because even though they are costly, they will save you the trouble of buying a replacement bag every now and then. Some even come with an anti-bacterial for cleaning them up.



The designs of vacuum cleaners also vary immensely. The cheaper ones are light and are mostly made of plastic while the expensive ones have a metallic cover and are a bit heavy. The metallic cover makes the machines more durable, the more reason why you should not think twice about buying an expensive one.




You should also consider the quality of other accompanying tools such as brushes, crevice tools, turbo-brush, auto-cord rewind, full indicator, and telescopic tubes. These tools should also be made of a durable material to ensure their longevity.


In essence, as long as the equipment meets the threshold of these standards, the cost should not be an inhibiting factor. Buy the machine for its quality and durability, not for its price. When it comes to vacuum cleaners, quality is usually proportionate to the price. And if you have hardwood floors at home, then you definitely need a good vacuum cleaner in order to protect your investment. Learn more about the importance of hardwood floor vacuums here: http://www.homefloorexperts.com/

Canister Vacuum vs Upright Vacuum For Hardwood

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When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, your intention is to purchase a device that is effective, efficient, affordable, lightweight, protects your floor and is convenient to use. Manufacturers of the devices will bombard you with technical information that will leave you confused as to the best cleaner to purchase. It is for this reason that you need to get an informative comparison of the canister vacuum vs. upright vacuum when it comes to hardwood floors in your home.

Damage to Newly Installed Hardwood

Hardwood flooring experts recommend canister cleaners for a new installation due to their lighter weight when compared to their alternatives. The fact that canisters are fitted with wheels is also desirable because there is no contact between your floor and the cleaners, which prevents scratches from forming.


Canisters are ideal for hardwood floors while uprights are best suited for carpets but are versatile enough to be used on hardwood floors and tiles.

Ergonomics and health 

  • Upright versions of cleaners are ideal for cleaning large floor surfaces without leaving you tired. 
  • Their alternatives,on the other hand are very maneuverable, which makes them ideal for cleaning under coffee and dining tables, couches, around the legs of other furniture pieces in your home and staircases. 
  • Movement from one room to another is also very much easier with these types of cleaners.
  • The sheer weight of an upright is its greatest disadvantage especially where you have to carry it from one room to another or down your stair cases. Canisters, on the other hand, are light in weight.
  • When using a canister, you have to drag the device behind you as you clean, which tends to make you tire fast. 
  • If you are suffering from back problems, an upright variant is desirable because it is easy to empty its bin or bag. 
  • The fact that the dirt storage container in an upright device is larger than that found in a canister, you don’t need to empty it very often.
  • Canisters have longer hoses that allow you to clean large rooms faster and more easily than when using upright cleaners. The cords in a canister are self retracting, which makes storage of the device easy and fast. 
  • The presence of attachments in canisters will make your work easy since you can use them depending on the type of hardwood floor you intend to clean. 


Upright cleaners are considerably cheaper than their alternatives due to the fact that their design is light in weight, versatile compactand fitted with more powerful motors. While it is important that you make a selection that is within budget, the extra features in a canister make it very desirable.


Finding whether a canister or upright vacuum is better for hardwood floors in your home is a matter of personal preference. It is, however, worth mentioning that a canister will offer better results than its alternative. You also need to consider the storage space available for your device, the size of your rooms and the type of dirt available in your home when choosing between the two. 


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Installation of Best Type of Wood Floor

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Various wood species such as maple, red oak are installed for hardwood flooring. Choosing the correct type of wood flooring depends on your maintenance and lifestyle preferences. Wood floors are easy to clean, eco-friendly, traditional, beautiful, durable and add warmth and glory to a decor.

Solid wood floors are of great investment and good choice, since they have greater longevity of about 100 years. Engineered wood flooring is resistant to wear and tear, dents, moisture and scratches than regular wood floors.

Types of Wood Flooring

  • Douglass fir flooring - Douglas fir is tan-reddish in color, has vertical grains and is used for formal looking wood floors. It should be used in less traffic areas to restrict from scratches and dents, even though it's quite strong. It is popular in the United States and used in molding, trimming, flooring, doors and windows.
  • Oak flooring - It is an expensive and a perfect choice for durable and strong wood flooring. It comes in red oak (popular in the United States) and white oak. Red oak is rich red in color with coarse grains. The color of white oak is brown. Even though it is less popular, it's resistant enough in comparison to red oak.
  • Pine wood flooring - It is a great substitute to expensive oak flooring. It is also durable as oak wood so it can be used in huge traffic walkways. Scratches and marks in pine wood can be easily covered up and stained, unlike oak wood.

Cleaning, Maintaining, and Fixing Wooden Floors

Cleaning and protecting hardwood floors can be worrisome. Hardwood is very expensive and sensitive. If cleaned incorrectly or by using the wrong cleaning tools and solutions, the results and aftereffects can be devastating. But once correctly cleaned, the shiny wooden floors look new and bright.


  • Vacuum, sweep or dust mops the wooden floors regularly. Daily cleaning prevents scratching and scoring of the hardwood.
  • There are 2 types of seals of the wooden floors: surface finish with a shiny texture and penetrating seal with matte finish. The surface finish has a water-based, polyurethane, catalyzed or refined finish. The penetrating seals have a wax, oil or acrylic finish.
  • A cleaner should be bought according to the type and quality of finished wood.
  • This solution should be applied with a micro-fiber coated mop or wiped with a cotton or terry cloth rag on the hardwood.
  • Protect the floor from direct rays of the sun.

List of Don'ts

Hardwood floors should not be cleaned with products like:

  • Vinegar is acidic so creates dulling by etching deep into the finish.
  • Ammonia is harsh and discolors the wood.
  • Household dust treatments and liquid polishes contain a waxy material which shines. It leaves back a contaminating film with a smooth residue on the floor.
  • Detergents leave a contaminating layer and harm the finish.
  • Wet mops can warp the wood.
  • Floor waxes creates layers which discolors and dulls the finish of the wood.
  • Heat and steam cleaners crack the wood.

Best Vacuum For Hardwood Floors - Making a Good Investment

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Hardwood floors are an expensive investment and thus it becomes even more important to clean and maintain them perfectly so that the shine is conserved. Fortunately, the upkeep does not require any special expertize and neither will it burn a hole in your pocket. A good vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor from The Vacuum Companion along with some tips on cleaning is all you need to keep floors clean, shiny and looking new for a long time


What Kind of Vacuum Works Best?


There are different kinds of vacuums in the market. The canister and the upright versions are popular choices. When dealing with hardwood floors, the canister models work best. This is because of the simple reason that these models are lighter than the upright models and they come equipped with rubber wheels, which protect the floors from scratches while cleaning it efficiently. However, with the introduction of new designs, even cordless ones are now equipped to clean hardwood spotlessly.


Top Picks – The Best Vacuum Cleaners For Hardwood


These are best machines in the market for cleaning and preservation include:


  • Electrolux EL6986A UltraSilencer: This is a canister cleaner which is a quiet but a very powerful machine. It is ecofriendly as it is made of recycled material and you can also use it on carpets and tiles
  • Miele S4212 Neptune: Another popular canister model. It comes with multilayer filtration system and a HyClean FJM dust bag.
  • Dirt Devil Accucharge Cordless Hardwood Floor Vacuum: It is a very good model if you wish to buy a cordless design. It is loaded with a high power battery of 15.5 v and an incredibly powerful suction motor that will give you spotless clean floors. The low deck-cleaning surface is especially useful as it provides you with close level suction
  • Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner: A brilliant machine for cleaning hardwood. The 18v lithium battery ensures you clean the house in one go. It is also the lightest and the most maneuverable of all the specialized machines.
  • Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away NV356E: Considered as one of the best machine for not only cleaning hardwood, but also other surfaces like carpets and tiles. It comes with a large dust bag and can pick up dirt up-to 5 times more than its previous model.


Characteristic of a Good Hardwood Floor Cleaner


A hardwood vacuum has some very specific differences than the one used for carpeted floors. It should not have beater brushes, as this will create scratches on the floor, something that you definitely want to avoid. It should be compact and easy to move. A heavy weight machine will leave scratches when you maneuver it around. The machine must be padded with felt stripes and rubber to prevent accidental scratching.


Wood flooring requires mopping after vacuuming, so a machine that comes with the wet feature as well is an added advantage. The machine must be equipped with a high suction power, as this will help you to pick up even the smallest particle of dust or embedded pet hair.


Investing in a good cleaning machine is important for upkeep of hardwood flooring. They not only do their job well, but also make it easy and convenient.

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